JAIHIND ADLAB is the best digital marketing agency in India. Our services include digital marketing through mobile applications and websites and financial support to the families of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the defense of the country.

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The 21st century is the age of globalization and the Internet. Our lives revolve around it and are almost incomplete without it. The Internet is considered to be the "ideal platform" for large, small and medium-sized businesses to expand their business through online branding and advertising, as we spend significant hours searching the World Wide Web every day. Nowadays it is possible for small and medium businesses to use online marketing to achieve business success with advertising. JAIHIND ADLAB, India's best online digital marketing agency, serves advertising for reputed companies in India. As medium and small enterprises are the largest market in India, we are focusing more on them and providing services as per their need at affordable rates.

If you are serious about promoting your business through our advertising platform then build a reputation in this competitive age and make your dreams come true. Just stay connected with our company We provide cheap and low cost services. Our excellent services and support make our bond with our customers even stronger. Our company offers customers the opportunity to serve the country with advertising.


The main objective of starting JAIHIND ADLAB company is country service. We have to help the soldiers of the country who have sacrificed their lives to protect our country. Many soldiers have sacrificed their lives to protect our country since India became independent. Have we ever thought about the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the nation? What will be the condition of their families due to the martyrdom of the soldiers? We will never be able to make up for the loss of the martyred soldiers but we can help their families financially. Thus the company will be create a "National fund" out of 80% of the net income generated by advertising. This fund will be used to provide financial assistance to the families of the martyred soldiers of our country. And the remaining 20% will be kept as a reserve fund which will be used for company management.


Our company aims to connect every patriotic citizen of India with this company and Make this company the largest advertising platform in India so that small, medium and Big business man is attracted to our company and advertising through our company. More Revenue can be generated from the advertisements and a large fund can be Created to help the families of the martyred soldiers of the country financially in large Quantities. Because advertising elsewhere will only benefit of the advertisement but Advertising with JAIHIND ADLABS will also serve the country along with advertising.

  •   The first step is to download the Jaihind Adlab Application from the Google Play Store or register on the website (Registration Is Free.)
  •   By registering with the required information, you become a volunteer in the company.
  •   After becoming a volunteer, the company has to help in the great work of country service. Every day you have to spend 10 to 15 minutes of your precious time looking at the advertisements given by the company. Volunteers who have seen 90% of the ads each month will be able to participate in the lucky draw.
  •   To make the great work of country service a success requires the support and trust of all the countrymen. Therefore, the country service work done by the company, if you think it is appropriate, using digital platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, the information about the company is to be conveyed to your relatives, friends, family and connect them with this company. (Registration is free.)
  •   Just like we have connected our relatives, friends and family with this company, we have to reach out to the Medium, small and big business people of our country and motivate them to advertise in our company.
  •   Every countryman can make a financial contribution in the form of advertisement to make the work of country service successful in the same way as we have joined the company if the country service work done by the company is appropriate. Friends who do business can advertise their business and those who do not do business can also advertise their family member's birthday, Marriage Anniversary, Death Anniversary, farming, Innovation, Campaign etc.
  •   Last but not least, the heroic soldiers of our country and their families are very proud. Therefore, they never ask for help from anyone, so it is the duty of all of us to provide information about the families of needy martyrs living around us to Jaihind Adlab so that the company can help such families. E-mail us at for more information.
  •   Can advertise in a wide area at cheap rates.
  •   You can advertise in the area of ​​your choice.
  •   Direct business inquiries can be obtained from customers.
  •   Advertising expenses can be deducted from your business expenses as income tax.
  •   Credit for GST on advertising costs can be taken.
  •   The money from your advertisement will be spent on country service work.
  •   Advertising with Jayhind Adlab will create the identity of a businessman working for the interest of the country.
  •   Advertising will add your business to the business directory of the company in which Customer Direct will search your business by your name, view your business page and also see the advertisement given by you and after receiving your information will send direct business inquiry through notification.
  •   People from all over India will connect with you by getting information about your business through the company's search engine.
  •  Watching the ad will not bring much economic benefit but will pride of working for the country.
  •  Your precious time of 10 to 15 minutes given to view the advertisement will be helpful to the families of many martyred soldiers.
  •  Let us all work together to make the great work of national service a success.
  •  The National Fund will be raised from 80% of the company's net income.
  •   This fund will be used for the families of martyred soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.
  •   The amount of assistance will be determined on the basis of the needy martyred Soldiers families and income received by the company
  •  An arrangement has been made by the company to reach out to the needy families. In which the volunteers affiliated with the company will deliver the information of the families of the needy martyred soldiers living around them to the company through email and the company will contact the people and deposit the help directly in their bank account.
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